Employees want open networks that are easy to access from mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

Yet IT is tasked with the awesome responsibility of protecting company and customer information and meeting regulatory requirements for data security. With cyber attacks on the rise and a recognized national threat, regulations mandating data protection are expected to become more stringent. Security breaches come from both internal and external forces and are constantly changing.  Finding the right balance between an accessible network and strong security is a growing challenge.

ProSys experts help address potential security risks before they become an issue and then provide security options tailored specifically to meet your business needs. Our goal is to help you avoid costly breaches and fines, maintain the privacy of sensitive information, ensure regulatory compliance and manage risk to enhance business agility and growth.


  • Network and security audits
  • Security threat assessments or penetration testing
  • Internal and external vulnerability scans
  • Secure network and infrastructure design
  • Network perimeter protection, including firewalls and intrusion detection
  • Remote access strategies, including VPN implementations
  • Data loss prevention for information in motion and at rest


  • Security policy and technical know-how
  • Risk mitigation expertise
  • Commitment to identifying new vulnerabilities and threats
  • Partners you know… Cisco, HP, Citrix