Onsite deployments can be disruptive. The physical space often isn’t available at office locations, and in the rush to move the goods, critical configurations and security installations can be lost.

The ProSys Integration Center facilitates large-scale rollouts of desktops, mobile devices and other equipment, plus handles ongoing fulfillment of end user equipment requests. Designed to support the procurement, maintenance and disposal patterns of enterprise organizations from a secured warehouse, ProSys technicians and experts allow you to focus on major IT projects and operations, while they deploy to the masses.


  • Customized staging
  • Configuration
  • Asset tagging
  • Testing
  • Shipping
  • Inventory management
  • Special labeling
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Quick Facts

  • Dedicated logistics operation
  • Multiple configuration types for single order
  • Certified team of experts, technicians and logistics specialists
  • 24×7 security for 130,000+ square foot warehouse
  • 1,000 orders fulfilled per day
  • Depository for client build guides and “read me” documents
  • Real-time view of order status and delivery tracking
  • Quality certified processes
  • Full reporting

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