PureStorageNVMEAs organizations progress with their digital transformations, they’re likely to see substantial increases in the usage of applications, such as high-definition video and big data analytics, that demand high performance. At the same time, data and traffic volumes continue to increase exponentially. Legacy infrastructure just isn’t capable of meeting such performance demands or storing high volumes of data, much less analyzing that data to inform business decisions. As a result, more flash storage solutions have been developed, prices have come down, and flash adoption has accelerated. This has led to increased usage of Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology in the data center. NVMe is a new protocol designed to help organizations take full advantage of all-flash storage media and dramatically decrease latency. NVMe replaces legacy SCSI drivers that have been used with disk-based storage and have performance and scale limitations.

When extended over storage fabrics used by multiple storage solutions, NVMe can scale up to 1,000 shared storage devices while improving the speed and reliability of business applications. NVMe can run across both Fibre Channel and Ethernet fabrics to bring the simplicity and efficiency of this model wherever commands are transferred.

Pure Storage recently introduced FlashArray//X, the company’s first all-NVMe, enterprise-class, all-flash storage array. FlashArray//X uses new Purity DirectFlash software to enable global flash management at the system level rather than inside each flash array. Global management of garbage collection, allocation, I/O optimization and error correction results in higher performance and utilization. Pure Storage NVMe DirectFlash Modules connect with FlashArray controllers to enable direct communication between software and raw flash technology. With DirectFlash Modules, all flash within a module is accessible to the FlashArray.

End-to-end, software-to-raw flash optimization can cut latency in half, double write bandwidth and increase performance density by up to four times. FlashArray//X makes it possible to consolidate bandwidth-intensive workloads on just 10 DirectFlash Modules while delivering best-in-class storage availability and rich data services.

Just weeks after introducing the all-NVMe FlashArray//X, Pure Storage announced its NVMe Now promotion, which extends its Evergreen Storage program to certain competitive storage products. Organizations can take advantage of the newest, densest flash storage by trading in existing storage capacity for Pure Storage terabyte credits, which can be used to offset up to 25 percent of capacity purchased in a new FlashArray. The NVMe Now offer is available through October 31, 2017.

With the Evergreen Storage program from Pure Storage, organizations don’t have to completely repurchase storage every generation. By reducing the risk and expense of hardware upgrades, organizations can reduce total cost of ownership by nearly 50 percent over six years. By expanding the Evergreen model, Pure Storage makes it possible to future-proof storage environments by routinely upgrading the performance and scale of their flash technology with the latest controllers. Organizations can expand storage capacity and consolidate older flash arrays at the same time, receiving trade-in credit that can be applied to new arrays.

Organizations need to be looking at new ways to maximize their flash storage investments. NVMe is capable of meeting current and future performance and scale requirements without the limitations of legacy infrastructure.

By: Tom Bock, Business Development Manager, ProSys