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While increasing capacity and numerous other demands are placed on today’s IT organizations, rarely do budgets keep pace.


Given the complexity and constant change in technology, you need a financing option capable of keeping up with that change. ProSys can provide multiple financial options to ensure your capital (or operating) expenditure is maximized.

Customized Programs for Every Need:

ProSys can create custom programs to address the specific needs of the customer with both operating leases to maximize the useful life of the hardware via a refresh program (FMV) or with capital leases to manage cash with an ownership program ($1 out). ProSys can provide creative solutions to address budget issues with step, skip, or deferred structures. ProSys has the expertise to finance traditional hardware as well as soft costs that include software, professional services, installation, and maintenance.

Creative Credit Solutions:

ProSys has an auto scoring system available for approximately $1M of capacity per customer that does not require financial statements. Credit decisions are issued within 24 hours and often within hours. Even if the credit does not pass the auto scoring system, ProSys may be able to use the strength of the collateral to get the transaction approved.


Captive leasing companies are not as motivated to help customers lease with multiple manufacturers and can be a cumbersome process when migrating away from a manufacturer with the captive’s lease in place. With ProSys, you are free to choose your manufacturer and migrate from one platform to another. Thus, ProSys offers a total solution without having to deal with multiple manufacturers and financing companies.

Global Presence

Offering our North American customers a consistent implementation of IT solutions globally.